General Corporate

Apart from legal support to implementation of specific projects, every company needs day-to-day support of its activities from the original establishment of the enterprise through all aspects of its evolution and operation.

A Client willing to set up a new business usually starts with setting up a new legal entity. At this stage one may need assistance with regard to internal company structure, corporate governance and officers’ liability. We will provide support in establishment of legal entities, representation offices and branches. Our lawyers can draft shareholders agreements and other constitutive documentation for the new legal entity. Should it be necessary, we will walk you through restructuring of your subsidiaries including transfer of assets and liabilities, venture capital transactions, and liquidation.

There are certain business activities that may require licensing. In this case G&P will provide the Client with full list of the documents necessary for the obtaining of the license, step-by-step guide of the license obtaining procedure, and help the Client to submit the required documentation to the appropriate bodies.

G&P has wide experience in the field of issuance and further circulation of securities issued by legal entities. In particular, our experts are ready to provide the Client with legal assistance as to issuance, sale, purchase and pledge of shares as well as to keeping of securities registry by Joint Stock Company. Our lawyers also have wide practice in the field of issuance and circulation of notes and drafts.