Our firm has substantial experience of advising both Russian and multinational companies on a wide range of issues pertaining to conduct a business in Russia. Being originally a Russian company we have insider knowledge and understanding of Russian domestic specifics and administrative mentality that allows us to help our Clients successfully operate on the Russian market.

In addition to working with major corporate Clients, G&P has substantial experience of providing legal advice to governmental agencies. For example, our team has successfully completed an assignment on fundamental research and analysis of certain branches of the Russian legislation for the benefit of the Russian Ministry for Fuel and Energy under the instructions of the World Bank for the purpose of estimation of risks and legislative costs of Russia’s joining the European Energy Charter Treaty.


In a number of instances G&P, acting on behalf of its Clients, undertook activities that were absolutely new to the Russian market or challenged traditional practices in a respective field and in every such endeavor G&P was successful in assisting the Client in achieving project objectives.