Our Clients are both Russian and Multinational Companies in almost every sector of economy, including:

  • Major Russian developers;
  • Several multinational oil & gas companies;
  • Multinational producers of oil & gas machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other special-purpose machinery;
  • Multinational bank;
  • Multinational and Russian logistics companies;
  • Multinational producer of networking equipment;
  • Multinational Real Estate Agencies;
  • Both Russian and Multinational manufacturers and distributors of various goods;
  • Other Russian and Multinational companies.

We are proud to have among our Clients such companies as:

  • Caterpillar (multinational producer of special-purpose machinery and equipment);
  • McDonald’s (multinational fast-food company);
  • PNK Group (leader of warehouse development sector in Russia);
  • Navistar (multinational manufacturer of buses and trucks);
  • Eli Lilly (multinational pharmaceutical company);
  • Orientir group (major developer of warehousing real estate in Russia);
  • Solar Turbines (multinational producer of industrial gas turbines).